ReGeneration X Weekdays

Re-Generation X can now be heard weekdays from 1PM-2PM!

There was a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth. While Baby Boomers roamed the radio landscape with their disco, pop and poseur rock filling the airwaves, a new species was not so quietly coming into its own. A better, more efficient beast was to become the dominant hierarchy.

Generation X blasted onto the unsuspecting world with a mix of punk, ska, world beat and unbridled passion for all things musical. Soon the underground music would become the way of many, acting as the soundtrack for a new generation.

The effects of this can still be heard resonating daily on LiVE 885, but the history of our sonics can be heard every Sunday afternoon from 2PM–6PM, and in the Weekday Edition from 1PM-2PM with Chelsea Miller!


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