Noel Beausoleil

Despite having a passion for music, ‘High school Noel’ thought spending all of her time focused on calculus, physics and chemistry was a great idea.

After listening to LiVE 88.5 and developing a love of music, I was inspired to study Radio Broadcasting at Algonquin College. After two crazy years, consisting of long hours and zero sleep, I scored an internship at a local radio station and shortly after, my job at LiVE 88.5.

While I’ll always be fascinated with how the world works, learning and talking about music is where it’s at. I thrive off of grunge (I did a history of grunge show at Algonquin!) and all things from the 90s. I’m also a die-hard music fan, with the tan lines from musical festival wristbands and a collection of concert ticket stubs to prove it. If you haven’t seen me at a local show, you will soon!

Join Noel for the New Spin Preview each night at 9pm, and the Big Money Shot Spotlight after 10pm!

Got a request? Call Noel at 613.727.8850!


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