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In Central East Ottawa born and you can't stop singing the rest of the Fresh Prince theme.

Also, why hasn't Will Smith made a good movie since Ali? 

It may feel like I never left, as a new episode of The Cafe has aired every Sunday for the last four years, but in that time my wife and I have travelled the world. It's so great to be home, and starting off the day with you and The Start Up every morning!

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Dave Schellenberg has been talking tech on the radio since 1994. Over the years he has covered the rise of the Internet, high definiton televisions and the evolution of video games. His segments cover both the technology and the impact of it on economics, politics and the way that we communicate. 

Tune in to hear the latest in tech news and information every weekday morning just after 7am and check The Morning Start Up Blog for all the daily notes.


Amal has been in the radio business since the early part of the 21st century. She has spent the last six years in Ottawa training her cats, eating donuts, eating shawarma, captaining the LiVE 88.5 HOPE Volleyball Team, and keeping her cohosts, Andrew and Dave in line.

Tune in weekday mornings for news and sports updates every half hour on the half hour starting at 6am. Ever the early riser, you can join Amal Saturday mornings 6am-9am.
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