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LiVE 88.5 is the FIRST AND ONLY Carbon Neutral radio station in Canada!

LiVE 88.5 has been Canada's FIRST and ONLY carbon neutral radio station since 2011. Each year, we make a $10,000 donation to the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation to offset the 424 tonnes of carbon we produce annually. With our donations, the RVCF has planted 34,000 vigorous, Canadian bare-root seedlings on land within the Rideau Valley and as close to Ottawa as possible.

The amount of carbon dioxide produced annually by the work of the 35 LiVE employees was calculated using the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation’s (RVCF) Carbon Neutral program. Staff commuting and travel, office heating and cooling, energy consumption of all kinds was tallied using energy bills for a one-year period. Once the total energy consumption was determined, a formula converted it into the number of trees needed to absorb or “offset” that same amount of carbon dioxide.

The five-year old LiVE Forest now covers 40 acres of land and will eventually grow into a vibrant forest of the future. These new trees increase tree cover in the Ottawa area. They absorb greenhouse gas, produce life-giving oxygen, clean our water supplies, provide wildlife habitat, buffer noise and wind, improve the soil and reduce soil erosion. Collectively, they make the Ottawa area less vulnerable to the worst effects of unpredictable and unseasonal heavy storms and increasing summer droughts.

Email us at GOGREEN@LIVE885.COM if you have an environmental event you would like us to attend.

For more information about the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation's Carbon Neutral Program click HERE and check out the RVCF's news release about LiVE 88.5 HERE.

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